So who am I

As you’ve noticed, I’m Amit Grinson (Levinson), a Risk Data Analyst @ Payoneer. I currently live with my wife Tal, our boy Tom and dog Milo in Rehovot, Israel.

I’ve come across the R programming language during my MA in Sociology, actually by chance, and have been hooked on it since. I love the R community, data visualization challenges and more recently other languages such as SQL, Python and doing baby steps in JS.

That’s also what I blog about here. It could be curious questions I came across (such as probability, text-analysis) or challenges I faced somewhere, solved them and would like to share them with my future self or you.

Hope you enjoy your visit and again, reach out so I can get to know you better 😄

Checkout the source code for this website to make your own :)

Amit Grinson

Risk Data Analyst