Learning GIS with ice-cream parlors.

Slides about my spatial learning process by exploring distances to Golda Ice-Cream locations in Israel.

By Amit Grinson in Introductory Spatial

June 9, 2021


How I learned GIS by exploring ice-cream parlors.


June 9, 2021


12:00 AM




Open Source in GIS conference

Before coming across R I never thought I’d manipulate spatial data. I started my R journey intending to analyze my thesis survey and discovered a plethora of analytic possibilities, one of them being spatial data. After fiddling around and creating some simple maps, I realized I had to dig deeper into R’s spatial capabilities.

In this talk I outline my journey of learning how to work with spatial data from a former blog post of mine. I outline my motivations to learning and the project itself: From data collection, data cleaning, and spatial manipulations to presenting the findings. Lastly, I discuss how this all relates to Open Source as an eco-system that enabled me to go on this adventure.

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June 9, 2021
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Introductory Spatial
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